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What do you worry most as your child growing up?

It is surely safety and health.

We totally understand the concerns and worries of parents about their children.

Since it was founded,ebemate has focused on the safety and health of babies as well as the connection and growth between parents and children. It is committed to creating a “safe company and healthy growth” parenting atmosphere so as to become a good helper of parents.

In fact, for the purpose of effectively solving the parenting problems of the new generation of parents, we have created scenario-based infant products and services by applying the world’s leading AI technology. All our efforts are solely for allowing both babies and parents have an enjoyable experence in the parenting process. With the companionship and care of ebemate, we believe that babies can grow up safely and healthily, and parents would feel comfortable . As a result, both babies and parents would have a more desirable life!

Find a balance between family and career

I didn’t understand why my baby was always crying.

Is she hungry?

 “Did she poop?” 

Is there anything wrong with her?...  

A pile of worries pulled me back from the joy of being a mother.

As a mother, why choose ebemate
Providing safe, convenient, comfortable and intelligent baby products and services to new generation parents

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